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Audio, video and hi-end lighting integrations at the service of design. Our essence is embodied in tailor-made projects and in the creation of unique and exclusive environments to live. In symbiosis with clients, architects and designers, we make your space even more sophisticated thanks to advanced and perfectly integrated systems.




We design customized ecosystems capable of generating valuable experiences that involve the five senses. We believe in the importance of the living space as functional to well-being and sociality.

Light Design


We create high-level solutions thanks to a careful selection of the best technologies on the market. Our approach is based on the solution not the product. Consistently with the architectural project, we design and build new high-end solutions that improve people's lives.



Our goal is to combine highly sophisticated products with Made in Italy design to overturn the classic concept of use of private and commercial spaces. We customize and create solutions by relying on Italian know-how, collaborating with important players operating in the furniture and interior industries.

Our Services



Integrated Control

Multiroom Audio

From the simplest functions to the programming of customized scenarios, up to the supervision of all systems. We allow you to manage any system through simple and intuitive control interfaces.

We want the Sound to follow you everywhere in your spaces. We create Audio and Video solutions that are capable of making you experience full sounds and vivid images in any environment with optimal quality.

Lighting Control

Home Cinema

Each light point in your home can be managed through professional and reliable lighting control systems thanks to the use of apps, remote controls and touchscreens.

We offer a design and construction service for residential cinema halls. We provide technical support to your trusted interior designer to give you the best possible solution for your entertainment area.


We enable you to monitor climatic conditions, such as temperature, humidity and CO2 levels, in each room. We provide you with tthe possibility to control them either individually or globally, by programming customized scenarios.


We use the most advanced technologies in the security field: we integrate video surveillance, anti-intrusion and access control systems that can also be monitored remotely.


"As an architect improves people's lives by designing spaces and interiors, in the same way we want to improve it from a technological point of view"

Passion for innovation, respect for the customer's project and advanced skills are our cornerstones. We are an Italian company with a twenty-year background in system integration. Over the years, we have been able to forge important relationships with international partners that are providing the best technologies on the market.

We take care of designing the latest generation of environments with high comfort, and we do so by harmoniously combining innovation, functionality and emotion. We love to connect and design audio video, lighting, networking and security systems for sophisticated tastes.

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